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tinkerbell1112 03-04-2017 12:58 PM

Photo Scavenger Hunt #34 - March to April, 2017
Hey all! I know we're a couple days into March, but I wanted to post this for all you Spring Break travelers!!! (you Brave Brave souls!). I personally have one of my oldest and dearest friends traveling to Disneyworld over Spring Break (hi Rachel!). She's a traditional scrapper and I told her I'd give her a list of pictures to take for a scavenger hunt and I'll get it to all of you too!

This is one of my most favorite things to do when I'm at Disney, and my 10 year old LOVES to help me with, half this list will be from me and half from her =-)

I will work on a pp for you and will post as soon as I have one!

It's SPRING! And we know what that means at Disney - spring break crowds, Senior nights, Flower & Garden Festival, sunnier days, and warmer temperatures!

Here's your challenge,if you choose to accept it:
  1. flowers (because it's spring!)
  2. a large crowd
  3. Rain or bad weather
  4. a selfie with a character
  5. a picture of someone else taking a selfie
  6. a character wearing shorts
  7. your shoes
  8. something striped
  9. favorite dessert
  10. a ride you rode more than twice
  11. a themed trash can
  12. a cast member who was helpful
  13. a shirt with a funny Disney quote
  14. someone playing in water
  15. 10 of something
  16. a very expensive item in the gift shop
  17. photo of you/your group at the start of the day and the end of the day
  18. sunglasses
  19. someone running
  20. someone more focused on their phone than what's around them (boo LOL)
  21. Magicband
  22. your room number (if you stayed in a hotel/boat)
  23. a new friend you made waiting in line
  24. something you tried new this trip
  25. something you didn't get to do but wanted to
  26. something orange
  27. a villain
  28. a hero
  29. screenshot from your phone showing a Disney app or game you used
  30. and last, a hidden Mickey of course!

The rules:
1. You must capture at least 15 of the items on the list - more are welcome!
2. You should be able to do this at any of the parks or on a cruise during the timeframe of the challenge. Feel free to combine trips!
3. You must use your own photos, or photos from someone in your group, unless it's a PhotoPass photo.
4. After your trip, post a layout of your photos in this thread by July 30th. Please label them or have a guide showing which item each photo corresponds to.
5. Please include the dates or something that shows the dates (ticket, daily guide, etc)

goofy2650 05-16-2017 12:18 AM

Thank you for hosting. It helped get me going again.
I hope this works-I used stripes of vegetables in Tomorrowland.

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