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SS 85 Instructions

I'll be posting 1 step every 10 minutes in this thread. If you want to bookmark it for easy reference, have at it. I'll be updating this as the chat progresses!
  1. I want to see an odd number of photos. There needs to be at LEAST 3, but no more than 13 in total. Make one of your photos larger than the others.
  2. Stack some papers for your background, at LEAST 1 patterned and 1 solid.
  3. Put a frame around at least one of your photos. Be creative. Maybe use a circle frame around a square/rectangle photo or a square/rectangle frame around a round photo.
  4. I love ribbons. I need to see at LEAST 2 different ribbons in your LO.
  5. I need to see at least 10 different TYPES of elements. Two buttons, even if they are different colors/styles does NOT count as 2 elements, etc. Using those elements, create at least 3 clusters. Your ribbon and frame DO count towards the element count.
  6. Since we're scrapping Disney I need either a hidden Mickey, pixie dust trail, or another character "hidden" in your LO. You don't have to include ALL of these, just one.
  7. Title your LO. Add some journaling (at least 2 sentences) and date it if you wish. Don't forget your shadows!

When you are finished, please post your LO in the Speed Scrap 85 Gallery. Also, don't forget to post it in the appropriate forum. For example, mine is posted in Character Encounters > Pooh & Friends HERE. I will be giving you 24 hours additional to finish your LO. So instead of needing to have your page posted 4 hours after the Speed Scrap is finished, you will have 28 hours. To try and help you figure out when, here's a list of times: 7:00pm EST/6:00pm CST/5:00pm MST/4:00am PST/10:00pm GMT on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

Here's my page:

Please remember to leave love for your fellow scrappers! We all LOVE to read comments about how awesome our pages are. I realize you may not have time DURING the marathon, but next week we all can get back on here and spread the loves!

Remember: There will be goodie bags for all participants who complete at least 1/2 (8) of the scheduled scraps PLUS another goodie bag for anyone who completes the Full marathon (16 challenges)! In order to qualify for the goodie bags each scrapper needs to create a post in the *master thread *(just one) that has been stickied to the top of the Speed Scrap sub-forum and put a link (not a image, just the links please) to each of your LOs. You can post up until NOON EST on MONDAY in that thread to qualify.

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