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thank you so much for the help i'm assuming i can take care of the bleed by just framing the page with a background paper and then put the major part of the page inside a smaller "page" right?

Originally Posted by CynthiaY2 View Post
I just went through and updated a few of the links on my first post. Some where outdated and the inspirational galleries are no longer available which I miss the most!!

It sounds like you have a good handle on it. If you use the layflat book style (Which I absolutely LOVE) the inside bleed and photo's that would normally be in or near the center binding no longer matter. I've started using double page layouts now with the layflat feature. I would definitely leave a slight bleed around your page.

The cover templates are an absolutely must to use! If you don't it will take you hours trying to line it up correctly and making corrects and re uploading over and over again.

When I start a new book I use the "Custom Path" and then I select "Portfolio" then "Digiscrap" to drag and drop my uploaded layouts into. If it's a double page layout then make sure you save it as a double page and select the double page layout page style if you want the layflat for that particular 2 page layout. You can of course still do the lay flat and have 2 totally different layouts on each side of the page and it will still look terrific.

I hope that helps.

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