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Originally Posted by Romajo View Post
That is an awesome way to spend the day as well. Congrats on your daughter's engagement and upcoming weddingday!

Cute prize, Melissa.
Just 1 thing, on your anoouncement you have the GMT wrong. Because of daylight saving time, there is only 4 hours time difference between EDT and GMT (which is standard time and doesn't change). I know it's confusing!
I know, living in England I'm used to this "confusion" lol. Technically it should read 7pm BST. But admit I just copied and pasted from the master thread before the changes without thinking and haven't had the time to update since. The main master list is correct, as is the Mousecrappers Banner, so I imagine most people are aware of the change who need to be; if I get a spare moment at work today I'll try and change it

And don't worry ladies there will definitely be extra time
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