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This is a little spin off our typical scraplift challenges! I don't know if you are like me, but I constantly am growing my "favorites" folder- whether here at MS or elsewhere! And while I am constantly adding to it, I don't seem to be lifting as many layouts as I could like.

1.My challenge to you, choose your age, your child's age, how many years you've been married, CHOOSE A NUMBER that means something to you!

2. Open your favorites tab, whether here or elsewhere (even pinterest). Count to that number. I chose my age (47). I counted out 4 pages (yes I have a LOT), then went to the 7th layout. That was the layout I chose! If you only have 1 page, chose a smaller number. if you chose a large number and need to go through again, do it! If you don't want to count, JUST CHOSE A LAYOUT TO SCRAPLIFT!!

3. Please leave love on that layout you chose to lift, if you can! We all love getting "LOVE"!

4. Please post the layout you lifted and your new layout you scrapped here in this thread and in the correstponding thread in the forum.

Can't wait to see your pages! Don't make this too hard, scrapping is our hobby, this is supposed to be fun! Plus, it's a good way to look through the layouts you have saved to lift! My style has changed some, and ones that I had saved, weren't quite of interest to me anymore. I removed some before I started counting. It was nice to be re-inspired by old ones, and to see new ones that inspired my creativity also!

I lifted Buzz Lightyear by pixelyyy:

and here is my layout:
Mouse Ears Sorcerer\'s Hat Thanks for hosting Mickey Bar It\'s a Small World Minnie\'s Bow United States of America Carousel horse Monorail Mickey\'s glove Star Tours Wish VoluntEAR - Castle Teacups Minnie\'s Shoe Pirate Dog Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree Thanks for helping with the product forum Dawn! Ive met another MouseScrapper Cheshire Cat 1 Mickey\'s shorts Expedition Everest Pirate Ears Mickeys shoe Italy I got Cinderella Castle for referring people to MouseScrappers! Jungle Cruise New Zealand United Kingdom Earful Tower Pirate Flag

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