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Tutorial for Picture GLOBE in PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS

I made this album cover using a tutorial I found here. That tutorial is buried in another thread that many might not think of looking into for these instructions, so I'm providing that link here. These original instructions were provided by hickman4638 and I give many thanks to him for this. I did have one issue with these instructions and I will provide my fix for it.:

I found that when I did step 2 for the reflection instructions, Both Globes would flip. When I would try to turn ONE back around, my picture strips would not line up properly. For some reason my PSE9 would not let me flip just one layer. SO HERE IS WHAT I DID: After step 6 in the first set of instructions, SAVE the Globe as a separate file. PROCEED to step 2 of the Reflection instructions, skipping step one. After you flip this globe, ADD in the previous saved one and postion as you wish I hope this step is helpful Step 5 I did not need to use as my version of PSE actually does have the layer mask function.

Also, here is a link to the Grid I made to put the pictures into in the first step. This ready made grid may help save some time Grid template.psd

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