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Telephone Challenge Hosts - sign up here

We would like to continue with the Telephone Challenges here on MS! We can't schedule them weekly or bi-weekly because the challenges take as long as it takes the participants to complete it! We have decided to go with 10 participants per telephone challenge but start two at the same time so that 20 people can participate. We will start them simultaneously, if one finishes before the other than the next designated host can jump right in and start the next one.

If you are interested in hosting, please let me know and I will add you to this first post.

A few requests, relating to hosting:
- Hosts will post the Telephone Challenge when the "reveal" is done from the previous telephone challenge.
- Gifts for participants are optional
- Please copy and paste the guidelines for the challenge from the first post and put your spin on it if you would like (e.g. you can specify what needs to be scraplifted - color, # of photos, layout, # of papers, etc.)
- Create a layout and send a PM to the next person on the list.
- Please remind our traditional/paper scrapping friends that they can participate too!
- Please revise the first post when the participants volunteer and revise the first post when the next person is up by moving the arrow.
- Your main responsibility is to collect the layouts and get them to Carol so that the two of you can coordinate the reveal. You can collect all of the layouts and post them all at one time. The layouts need to be posted backwards (the last layout first). If the posters include the credits, you can include these as well. Please put the MouseScrapper's name in the title so that Carol can convert it to their user name.

Telelphone Challenge 1: Disney Baby
Telephone Challenge 2a: kelseyll
Telephone Challenge 2b: Disney Baby
Telephone Challenge 3a: longhorn
Telephone Challenge 3b: Yzerbear19
Telephone Challenge 4a: Chef Minnie Mouse
Telephone Challenge 4b: tukogirl
Telephone Challenge 5a: Chef Minnie Mouse
Telephone Challenge 5b: Disney Baby
Telephone Challenge 6a: longhorn
Telephone Challenge 6b: Natalie from PA
Telephone Challenge 7a: missi_me
Telephone Challenge 7b: RuthieRoo
Telephone Challenge 8a: Disney Baby
Telephone Challenge 8b: Chef Minnie Mouse
Telephone Challenge 9a: tukogirl
Telephone Challenge 9b: missi_me
Telephone Challenge 10a: Natalie from PA
Telephone Challenge 10b: Chef Minnie Mouse
Telephone Challenge 11: Disney Baby (Since we are doing so many different types of challenges on Mousescrappers, we are going to go back to one Telephone Challenge at a time with 15 to 20 people.)
Telephone Challenge 12: sparklehal
Telephone Challenge 13: Carmen
Telephone Challenge 14: Mary Jo
Telephone Challenge 15: missi_me (Let's go back to 10 people)
Telephone Challenge 16: poohaddict
Telephone Challenge 17: sparklehal
Telephone Challenge 18: tiggerjen
Telephone Challenge 19: This Dixie Pixie
Telephone Challenge 20: sparklehal
Telephone Challenge 21: meejay
Telephone Challenge 22: sparklehal

Telephone Challenge 23: Disney Baby

Thanks so much for helping with this activity! I know that there are several Mousescrappers that have hosted this type to challenge on other sites and can easily jump in so that we have more fun!
Thanks for hosting Mickey Bar Thanks for exceptional help with challenges Jennifer! Sorcerer\'s Hat Mickey\'s glove Mouse Ears Mickey\'s shorts Mickeys shoe Minnie\'s Shoe Minnie\'s Bow Teacups Minnie Bride Skyway It\'s a Small World Earful Tower Mickey Pumpkin Carousel horse Contemporary Resort 1 Rocket Jets Pop Century

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