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Hi there - just saw this - we're from australia and it was 2013 when we went so conversion might be different but we found staying at the bottom level of disney properties when u took into account meals (which are especially expensive there) and extra magic hours time (so worth it for fave rides) and proximity was on par with other hotels (it was also easier to meet characters at the hotel - there was an actual 'line' with ropes and all but strict cut-off times - we missed quite a few by a few people (we also found european hotels tend to call family rooms 2 double beds and wanted seperate beds for our kids so the Cheyenne was the only one with bunks so that was the deciding factor)

our faves were their fireworks show (i think it was called dreams with projection on castle and such), the castle walk thru stained glass is gorgeous & the labarynth was great. The do do great parades - Stars and Cars parade at Walt Disney Studios is apparently one of a kind now - it used to be in florida like ages ago according to snowdrop/heather but it was good for photos too. Peter Pan's Flight and Dumbo had never ending lines and Toy Storyland i believe doesnt exist in the US but Paris and Hong Kong both have it and the themeing is fab. I only wish Ratatouille World (or whatever it's called) had been opened when we went -it looks amazing. Enjoy!

(also as far as international disney's go - the DLP website is really good, make sure u check the 'closures and maintenance' type lists before u get your hopes up for things - hong kong's site was useless and made planning a pain)

ETA: i just saw the year on your original post! gosh - assuming u had a good time
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