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SCRAPLIFT Challenge Sign Up Thread!!!!

If you are interested in hosting a Scraplift Challenge, sign up here. No prior hosting experience required! In fact, even if you're brand new to scrapping or have never hosted before, roll up your sleeves and give it a shot because you don't even have to make the LO to be lifted!

Host Responsibilities: ***Please make sure that you mark your challenge down on your calendar so that you don't forget to post when it comes to your turn!!

1. The challenge will be very flexible. After all that's what a scraplift is all about! You can make your own LO to be lifted, you can lift somebody else's LO to be lifted (with permission!), or you can do the more traditional SC and choose a member's gallery (remember to get permission) that people can select their own LO to scraplift. Please try not to use a LO made from a template though -- if somebody bought a template for their personal use, that's one thing; but to have 50 people scraplift it... that's not cool.

2. Post your challenge on Monday, participants have 2 weeks to finish. Make sure your thread title states Scraplift Challenge #__ and has the beginning and ending dates.

3. Try to offer a PP. It's not mandatory to offer one, but people love prizes!

4. Set a good example - post your LO in the Scraplift Gallery, post in the appropriate forum and link it in your challenge thread, and leave some love for all the participants. Choose one LO to put in the LOTW thread (doesn't have to be from your challenge, but I'm sure you'll find enough in your challenge to make it a difficult choice!)

5. Keep an eye on the thread. Make sure that people are posting their LOs in the correct gallery and forums.

6. Post the rules, you can copy/paste from here if you'd like

7. And remember to have fun!

Scraplift Rules:
1) Your LO must be Disney related (or nearby theme park)
2) Upload your LO to the new Scraplift Challenge Gallery and post it in this thread.
3) Post your LO in the appropriate thread in the forums and put that link in your post here
4) Leave love for your fellow participants because we all love comments on our LOs

The definition of a scraplift is to use a layout as inspiration for your own LO.

#182 - May 17 - May 30 (Neverland Scraps)
#183 - May 31 - June 13
#184 - June 14 - June 27
#185 - June 28 - July 11
#186 - July 12 - July 25
#187 - July 26 - August 8
#188 - August 9 - August 22
#189 - August 23 - September 5
#190 - September 6 - September 19

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