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He is allowing us to right click and download the sizes he has loaded on his SmugMug site (for free). If you’d like to purchase a printed copy then that is available as well. Though he will benefit slightly if you do make a purchase, it is not the main reason why he is sharing his photos. He understandably loves photography and has taken thousands and thousands of images of the parks over the years. He started a very popular ‘signs’ thread on DIS specifically for the scrapbookers (knowing that they could use those photos), so I asked if he’d mind sharing some other photos here as well (he was probably the first member of the site, actually, (after me, of course) but has been away from the site for a while). He has excellent equipment, so his images are much better quality than many of us are able to capture with our cameras. He also has an excellent eye – in addition to all the stock photos (signs, etc), he has some great creative and night shots. I’m thrilled that he has taken the time to post links to all these images for our community to use, so any small amount that he gets from SmugMug is fine by me… I wish we could do more for him, actually. I know he is busy on other sites, and I am not sure how often he will be around after he loads all his images. I hope we can get him to stick around to answer some of our equipment/photography questions.
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