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Telephone Challenge 9b - You can "quote" me on that.

Hello everyone! Melissa (missi_me) here to bring you another Telephone Challenge but I am adding a twist because that makes it more fun *insert evil laugh*. Please scraplift the previous player's layout as usual but use a Disney movie, song, or show quote that best fits your layout. For instance, if your layout is about Buzz Lightyear, you could quote, "To infinity and beyond" or if you are doing something about Hannah Montana you could quote "telephone challenge hostess say what?". If you have any questions about the theme, please let me know.


1) I will create a layout then pass it to the next person on the list. Their job is to scraplift my layout. Remember, layout must be something Disney related.

2) Please try to finish your layout within 24 hours of receiving it from the previous poster. If you think it will take you a little longer than 24 hours, just PM me.

3) When you are done with your layout, "pass it" on to the next person. Be sure to send me a copy so that I can put them all together at the end.

Please be sure your layout is 180 kb or less (600x600 is the optimum size).

4) Please post in this thread (just a message - not layout) when you have passed it on to the next person.

5) PLEASE DO NOT post your layout in the Gallery or any thread until the challenge is complete.

6) At the end all of the layouts will be posted in the Gallery to show how it has changed with each person. Please add credits and post to the appropriate thread in the forum after the "reveal" is done.


Please reply on the thread if you want to play and I will add your name to the list in the order that you reply. Once we have 10 people signed up I will pass my layout on to the second person on the list.

Thanks for playing!!!!
1. Melissa (missi_me)
2. Natalie (Natalie from PA)
3. Angela (Amazz)
4. Linece
5. Goofy's Girl
6. Ruthie Roo
7. Pennylane
8. Susan0326
9. karrieskreations
10. californiateri <--------
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