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This was really fun!!! I'm sorry my pages have no credits and I didn't properly posted them, but I'm on my phone and it's really difficult!!
**please come back and edit your gallery layouts with the credits and link to the coordinating forums, per the MouseScrappers Gallery Guidelines**

1. Font - Christopher Robin

2. Hidden Mickey

3. 3 Circles

4. Red/Black/Yellow

5. Flowers & Bows

6. Combine 2 templates as 1 layout

7. Journal Card

8. Disney Quote/Song Lyric/Word Art

9. Disney at Home - Decor, Toy, Holiday, Movie, etc.

10. Favorite Character or Favorite Character Meet

********LINKS ARE SENT @ 11:26pm on 4/7**********
*****links resent - 4/15 - 10:40pm*****

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