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Taking the Monorail to EPCOT
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*** Design Challenge Rules and Instructions ***

In this challenge, everyone gets to be a designer; every month you participate, you will receive the resulting design challenge collaboration kit (for that month) free of charge and help MouseScrappers in the process! This challenge is open to every MouseScrapper member regardless of prior design/scrapping experience.

Up to 5 color swatch/theme suggestions will be selected and compiled as a poll and voting will begin around the 20th of the month. The winning color swatch/theme will be announced on the first of the month, which is when the new challenge begins. On the last Friday of the month (before 11:59 CST), paper/element submissions are due. The compiled kit will be distributed as soon as possible after the deadline passes. It will be revealed on the MouseScrappers site and put into the MouseScrappers store on or around the first Friday of the following month.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submissions can be any combination of papers, individual elements (such as ribbons, scatters, frames, etc), word art, alphas, and clusters. The minimum number of unique items is 5; the maximum number of unique items is 25. The same paper/element in different colors counts as one. A full alpha fulfills the minimum requirement. Although you may submit any combination of items you want, we would prefer to see themed mini kits (which include a combination of papers, elements, and possibly a coordinating alpha).
  • You may not submit items for which you do not hold the copyright. If you use overlays, elements, etc. to create your items they must be labeled for commercial use (CU) and if their terms require, include with your submission a statement that gives proper credit.
  • You must include a TOU/copyright notice in your submission. A basic fill-in-the-blank TOU can be found here if you don’t have one of your own.
  • There is no mb maximum for submissions, but please make sure you are sizing a saving your items according to the following guidelines.
    • Papers should be:
      • 12”x12” 300dpi (which is 3600pixels x 3600pixels),
      • Saved as a JPG file that is about 3mb.
        • In Photoshop, after clicking on the “Save As” button, enter the desired file name and select “JPG” from the dropdown menu; click on “OK”. A popup screen should appear entitled “JPG Options”; change the quality value to “8” or "10" and click on “OK”. Saving the file with a value of “8 or 10” for quality will ensure it is the correct size (approx. 3mb).
    • Elements/Alphas should be:
      • Sized appropriately for a 12”x12” 300dpi layout; make your items the same size you would want them to be when creating a layout. For example: 12"x12" is not a reasonable size for flower elements; 2"x2" is more appropriate,
      • Trimmed so there is a minimal amount of blank canvas around the item,
      • Saved as a PNG file—the file size (mb) will vary based on the size (inches) of the element.
    • A preview of your submission is required. It should be:
      • 600pixels x 600pixels 72dpi,
      • It must minimally include your name (the one you used to save the files) and pictures of the items that you created for the challenge,
      • Previews may be as basic or elaborate as you want them to be.
        • A basic preview would tile the papers and/or line up the elements,
        • A more elaborate preview would arrange papers and/or elements in a more creative manner—as designers do to advertise their kits.
  • We would like to include two templates in each kit (signups will be listed in the DC thread each month). A PhotoShop template with at least 25 layers will fulfill the minimum submission requirement. You should submit both a layered PhotoShop document and untrimmed PNG files named 1,2,3,4,5,etc.
Some quality issues to pay attention to are listed below. If you have questions about what these things are or how to prevent/fix them, please ask! Everyone can benefit from adhering to these bullet points.
  • Do not pre-shadow elements or elements on papers.
  • Make sure paper textures aren’t blurry at 100%.
  • Check that elements are not cut off or missing parts.
  • When extracting or creating elements, be sure the edges are not jagged. Do NOT use the paint bucket tool to recolor elements--you will get jagged edges every time!
  • After creating a paper or element, check to be sure it is in gamut.
You can find more information on QC issues here.

You may NOT include:
  • Any items trademarked or copyrighted by Disney. This includes but is not limited to names, words, song lyrics, and phrases (for example, you cannot create word art that says “Cinderella”, “Splash Mountain”, “Pop Century”, etc.).
  • Photos, clipart, silhouettes, etc. of Disney characters—no Mickey heads either!
  • Park, attraction, resort, restaurant, or movie signage/symbols/logos.
  • Photos of buildings/structures on Disney property.
  • Elements that are too similar to images copyrighted by Disney (for example: you may create a turtle that has similar coloration as Crush, but you may not create one with the same markings, eyes, expression, etc).
Your papers/elements should be useful for Disney layouts without infringing on the copyrights that Disney has on its characters, movies, parks, rides, attractions, etc.
The following website has a searchable database where you can look to see if a name/phrase is trademarked:

*** If there are any questions about minimum requirements or copyright infringement, please ask. ***

Files and Zipped Folder(s):
Naming your files:
Your MS username_DC#_element type_description
Paper Example: MMouse_DC50_paper_green.jpg
Element Example: MMouse_DC50_button_red.png
Alpha Example: MMouse_DC50_alpha_uppercase_A.png
Naming your folder(s):
Your MS username_DC#
Example: MMouse_DC50
If your username is longer than 8 characters, please use an abbreviation. Avoid using spaces anywhere in the file/folder name. If you design under a different name, you may use that name instead of your MouseScrappers name.
Please limit the size of each zipped folder to 50mb. If your submission is larger than 50 mb, please split it into separate zipped folders to help control download times. If you have more than one zipped folder, name them in this manner:
Your MS username_DC#_folderletter
Example: MMouse_DC50_A & MMouse_DC50_B
To zip files place all your elements and a TOU inside a folder, then zip that folder. This is automatically creates a folder containing your files in whatever folder the user unzips to.
There are many ways to compress (zip) a folder. You can use a program such as WINZIP/WINRAR or, if you are on a Windows operating system, there is a utility built into Windows that you can use.
  • Right click on the folder containing your items and select “Send To”. Click on “Compressed (zipped) folder”. A new folder will be created in the same directory with the same name but it will be compressed (zipped).

Uploading Submissions:
We will be utilizing DropITtoME to collect submissions this month. When you are ready to submit you items, send frogfish (Christina) a PM for the link and password. Don't worry, it's super easy and I will receive your submission immediately (no waiting to download).

The completed kit will be added to the MouseScrappers store for anyone to purchase. All proceeds from the sale of the kit will be used to keep MouseScrappers running. Every month you participate in this challenge, you will receive the resulting design challenge collaboration kit (for that month) free of charge, but will receive no compensation (monetary or otherwise) for your submission to the challenge or for the sale of the collaboration kit. Any and all proceeds from the sale of the completed kit go to MouseScrappers. Copyright of your submission remains with you.

Do you have an idea for a color swatch/theme?
You may at any time submit suggestions for color swatches/themes for the Design Challenge. To do so, please PM frogfish (Christina) with your choices. Color swatches should contain exactly 6 colors (neutral colors need not be included in the swatch as they may be used for papers/elements even if they are not included in the swatch). You may use the template below to submit colors (right click to save the PNG) or simply send the hex codes.
Color Swatch Template
Please note that suggested swatches/themes may not necessarily appear the following month. The monthly color/theme poll will only include 5 choices and depending on the number of swatch/theme suggestions received, there may not be room for all of them. Also, to ensure that the monthly color/theme poll has many very unique choices, swatches/themes that are similar to other submissions may not appear. Unused swatches/themes will be retained for possible use in upcoming months. We reserve the right to alter any suggested swatch if colors are too far out of gamut (which means they will not print correctly).
Thanks for hosting Mickey Bar Herbie Monorail Magical Express I got Cinderella Castle for referring people to MouseScrappers! Mouse Ears Thanks for all your help with the Design Challenges Christina!

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Taking the Monorail to EPCOT
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Software: Photoshop CS4
Camera: Lumix
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Sample TOU

By downloading these images you are obtaining a “license to use” these graphic images and designs and are agreeing to the terms of this user INSERT YOUR NAME/COMPANY NAME HERE.


  • Use these graphics for your personal layouts, cards, or other projects.
  • Recolor, resize, and otherwise modify these graphics for your own personal use.
  • Submit your layouts using these graphics online or to publications as long as proper credit is given to INSERT YOUR NAME/COMPANY NAME HERE.

  • Change these graphics in some way and claim they are your own.
  • Resell or redistribute these graphics in any way.
  • Use these graphics for any commercial products (or in any way that will generate income) including web design or templates.
  • Use these files for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

Commercial use inquiries should be sent to INSERT YOUR PERSONAL/COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS HERE.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or inquiries you might have at INSERT YOUR PERSONAL/COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS HERE. I’d also love to see what you create with my items, so email me a link to any finished layout! Have fun scrapping.
Thanks for hosting Mickey Bar Herbie Monorail Magical Express I got Cinderella Castle for referring people to MouseScrappers! Mouse Ears Thanks for all your help with the Design Challenges Christina!

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