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Photo organization...

I was wondering....

How do you organize your photos? Do you organize by date, event or something else? Do you move photos over to a folder with a digital kit?

I am also asking about all photos.. not just Disney ones...

Do you just figure out what photos you want to scrap next and then go hunting down a kit that matches your needs?

Do you ever purchase a kit with specific photos in mind? If so, do you move photos over to that kit so you are ready to use it at your next opportunity?

Just curious on your methods....
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Melinda, Great Thread!!! this is what i am working on right now! after a lot of search this is the way i am doing it (there are tons of ways and the bottom line is that whatever makes sense to the owner is what goes)

I organize mine
by Year, month and then where I stayed.

so my folders go

2007 Disneyland January Grand Californian
2008 Disney August Animal Kingdom Lodge
2009 Disney June Beach Club
2010 Disney January Bay Lake Tower
2011 Disney September Old Key West
2011 Disney December Saratoga Springs

then i do not change the numbering system the camara gives it.
right now i am making all my pictures to follow this way. it is what makes sense to me.
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Since I take a ton of pictures all year long (not just special occations/vacations/etc), I have the following for 'everyday' kinda pictures...

2010 < January
and so on..... If there are special events within the year, like a wedding or something, I'll have a folder within the appropriate month.

I have a scrapbook for each child so, I also have this structure for both kids:

Natalie < My pregnancy
< Birth
< 2005 < January
< February

and now that she's in school and Isabel will be in Kindergarten in the Fall, I have started this under each of my dd's

Natalie < Elementary School < Kindergarten
< 1st grade

Disney is sorted by year and then month for those years that we have gone more than one time. Then each trip is sorted by day. Within the day folders, I will sort special things like... MNSSHP. Here is an example

Disney Trips < 2003 < January
< September < Day 1-Arrival
< Day 2 MK < MNSSHP

I don't really mess with the actual file names. Not unless I want to.

Hope that helps and makes sense to more than just me!

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My entire photo collection is named in chronological order. I do file them by year and month, but I could put them all in the same folder and they would still be chronological! This is how I rename my photos:

year - a to l and month - date - sequence of photos for that date

etc.. the a to l keep the months in the correct order. I could have used numbers but I prefer to see the month names.

I don't need to have separate folders for specific events because I know when the events happened. I know what years and months I went on vacations, when my kids were born, what month Christmas is in, etc. All I have to do is quickly find the correct month and I am set!
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I use iPhoto and organize mine differently....or I am just weird. LOL.

I have several ALBUMS set up -
one for each of my kids, my nephews then a misc family album
Holiday album - subfolders: All holidays in a subfolder, then by year in that folder
Travel Album
School activities album
Pets Album
Birthdays Album
Misc Album

Then each of those ALBUMS have subfolders by event, year, etc. So for example under the Birthday Album, I have each person in date order, etc.

I used to do it just by date but I found I was spending more time looking for photos since I was always wanting to look for a specific theme...
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I sort all of my photos by year and then by month. If I have a big event like a Disney trip, then I will put a Disney folder in the month I went and separate that by each day of the trip. So 2011<Sept< Disney<9-25.

As far as scrapping goes I will scrap whatever strikes me. I know it maybe sounds funny, but often in challenges or speed scraps, photos will just jump into my head that I think will fit a challenge, SS or what not. Otherwise I will see a kit and say oh that kit is perfect for photos from such and such. As I get closer to finishing scrapping an event I will then see what photos I have left and then will work with those in particular. I can always look at my photos and instantly get a kit to pop into my head.

Yes I have also bought kits because they will fit particular photos. Again I will see a new kit and photos that go with it will instantly pop into my could say I have a photographic memory of my photos. I never move copies of my photos to other folders, I just keep them in my photo directory. Hopefully that all makes sense.
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Photo organization

I organize by date and then for special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, special vacations, cheering etc). For example: 2010 Jan Feb
2010 Avery's Birthday
2010 Mar April
2010 Easter
2010 Baltimore zoo

I put everyday pictures from each month together. This is simple and works for me; if I would do something more I would probably forget how I had it "organized"!
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Well, since I use Memory Manager I have many ways of sorting.

I start with the defaults of import date & date taken.

then I tag by:
Name (by family member or friend who is in the photo)
what it is (specific sport, holiday, birthday, scouts, etc.)
where the photo was taken

So, if I took a photo of my DD at the Disney Soda Fountain, I would have it filed under the following folders:
Disney Soda Fountain (Which is a subfolder of Disney)
Summer Vacation.

And if I want to find it, but can't remember the date, all I have to do is go to one of those directories and search for the photo.

Since Memory Manager automatically sorts by date/year, I just have one file folder for things such as Christmas, Halloween, Disneyland, etc. That way I can just access the specific dates in that folder.

In all honesty, I've got gobs of files with sub-folders. It makes it so much simpler to find something. I can be more specific tomorrow because right now I gotta get myself to bed! 6:30 comes early on Saturday Morning when I gotta bring DD to skating.

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