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How do you classify your digital kits ?

Hi everyone !

I'm new in digital scrapbooking and now I'm having a lot of kits, elements, alphas... and it's difficult for me to memorise all this files when I scrap so each time I'm loosing a lot of time in searching the good paper or element.

Do you have any advise about classify those, name of folders category, a software maybe who can tag the files ...

Thanks for all the help you can bring.


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I'm not sure if I'll be much help but I keep mine catorgized by the store name and then designer name.

I still have troubles finding something once in awhile.

Hopefully someone else can help as well.

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I break mine down into folders ( alphas, sparkles, paper( and then folders by color) ect.) Every element you download SHOULD have been properly labled by its designer, and instead of searching for it, you could just do a search for buttons...or for "insert d esigners name) and it should pop up within the window. I'll take a couple screen shots to show you Its pretty simple.
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I categorize by designer then by kit name. When scrapping a layout, I generally use most of the papers and elements from one or two kits so I'm sure they coordinate. (I'm not great at coordinating clothes either so I tend to buy outfits--same idea!)

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I have 'regular kits, Disney Scrapping, Seasons' (in these I have the holidays/events of that season) and then I have an elements folder with sub folders for 'sparkle/glitter, mats, alpha, string, stitches etc.' These are not from kits but elements packs I've picked up. When I'm looking for something specific I just do a search in Windows for it. I just select "photos" type in for example "staple" and direct it to my EHD where my stuff is stored. It will go through and pull up every staple I have (well the ones that are labeled properly). And after awhile you just know what you have and where to find it.

eta: all of the above are in one main folder called "Wen's Digi Scrapping" so things aren't roaming all over the hard drive, lol. It also helps to name the preview of the kit "folder.jpg"(if you have Windows) so you can get an idea of what's in it without having to open it up.
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Mine are sorted by designer and shop. Since I really only shop at one place, it isn't that hard to remember what I have.
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I'm newish to scrapbooking too. At first I started organizing them by papers, elements, alphas, but then that just got to confusing and overwhelming. Someone suggest by designer but since I'm new I still don't have a good eye for who design what packet or style of page I want to do so then that took me forever to find what I was looking for. I've since switched to categories. Sports, Disney, Weddings, Zoo, Summer, Halloween, etc Then I title each kit in the category first with the kit's name then I also put the designers name in the title too. So for instance "Alice- Brit-ish Designs" This has worked the best for me!

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If items are from a certain designer, website or blog train I have a folder with that designer's name, website name or blog train title (example - "Holiday Sugar Cookie"). Inside the folder I create another folder named "0 previews" (with the number zero) so it is always first and I save a copy of the preview picture from each kit (if one is available) in there. It makes it easy to go through the kits. I also tend to just use one or two or if I use a few they are from the same designer. My goal this summer is to go through and reorganize everything in this way and to go through all the freebies I have gotten to see which one I really want. I tend to hit a blog train and download everything and then take forevder to unzip and sort.
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When I first started I divided everything up by what type of piece it was. For example, I had papers in a folder labeled "paper", ect. I later hated myself for it cuz it was SO disorganized! So what I do is have a folder titled "Scrapbooking" in my documents. Then I put kits in "kits" folder and so on. That keeps all coordinating elements together. I also use the preview jpg file that comes in each download to put on the fronts of the folders in my documents. Label the file name "folder" and as long as you are viewing the files as thumbnails you should be able to see what is in it without even opening it. This makes browsing easier.

Hope this helps and hope it didn't confuse you too much!!
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I'm using Picasa which enables you to see everything in one place. The kits are in subfolders by Designer, but then left as kits.

Picasa lets you create virtual albums, nothing is moved from its' real home but you can see things in the album together. I have albums called 'Previews' (with the folder images in), then 'word art' and 'Quick Pages' and Alphas. If I don't have a preview image for Alphas then I just add one of the letters, so i can see the style/font.

I've only been doing this for a short while but it seems to be working well for the moment.

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