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How do you remember/track your memories while in the park?

Hi everyone!

I'm a slow scrapper, and I tend to make my scrapbooks about a year or so after the event/trip we've taken. Because of that, I often don't remember the details from our trip and all the special memories I had wanted to record, and thus I don't include much journaling on my pages. I really want to change this for my upcoming Disney World trip next week. I'm curious what systems you all use for tracking and recording your memories while in the park, so that you remember everything when it comes time to scrap.

I've been considering taking notes in a journal app on my phone, but I'm worried about my battery running too low, since it will be my main source of picture taking. Then I've thought of bringing a small journal to keep in my purse to jot down notes, but I already carry so much into the park that I'm hesitant to add yet one more thing. I'm torn! I'd love to hear what you all do to keep track! Thanks!


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Well, I'm guessing you're already there so this is too late, but just in case...

First - a little background. I've got a toddler, so any type of writing things down during the day is just not going to happen Also, my husband is the main photographer, so he's the one schlepping around the big boy camera and taking most of the photos.

I've been doing two things. First, during the day, I snap quick pictures with my phone to remind me of what we're doing. So, I'll do this for rides, snacks, if we're just roaming around shopping, etc. This gives me some timestamps to work with for a general idea outline of the day. When we get back to the hotel at night, I take a quick look over my phone pics and then jot down a general synopsis of the day along with anything special we want to remember. For instance, on our last trip, we have a ton of photos of my kid stuffing his mouth with mac and cheese. If I was looking at them a few years in the future, I'd wonder why in the world we'd taken them! But, looking at my notes, on that day we'd decided to have an early dinner at the Jolly Holiday Bakery and watched the parade while eating, and my son had spent the entire parade alternating between trying to eat, babbling about the parade, and dancing to the music. A silly example, but you get the idea
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I likewise would struggle to write anything down during the day (and my kids are teens, lol). Using my cell phone to take photos does seem to help me remember what I was doing - but then yeah not so sure how much I'll recall years from now. Reading Lauren's (great) idea reminded me how one year I was super diligent and made notes in my Passporter every night before going to bed. It wasn't super granular, but I realized (upon reading the notes years later) how much I forgot. So writing it down is really a good idea, and at night would prob work better for me if I set my mind to getting it done.
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I have a 9x6 spiral notebook that I used to take to Disney with me and I'd write notes in it every night. This was when we'd go for a week.

Nowadays I usually go for a long weekend in January with my teenage granddaughter and I don't bother. The photos tell the story that yes, we went to Disney again, lol!

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I use a small notebook that we write in at night.

The thing I DO do at the park is immediately after seeing a character try to write down the things that happened during that interaction. We go with questions for my daughter to ask in order to "be prepared" to interact, not just take pictures. So afterwards we stop and write down the answers to the questions she asked and anything else that happened during the interaction
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Jlynn, I love that idea! I'm saving that for when my kid is a little older!
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I'm late to this thread too, but I have a couple ideas/suggestions!

I bought a 3.5 x 5.5 spiral notebook. I colored coded the "parks/days" on the edges of the pages, so that each day/park is a different color. I also used this journal to write down our schedule for each day, any reservation #'s, important phone numbers, directions or helpful hints (for the parks, getting around, travel and the resort).

At the end of each day, I would write a review of what we did that day. Any fun or funny comments I remembered, I wrote down. I also asked each member of the family (while driving from the park to the resort), what their favorite ride/show or part of the day was. Taht way, even if I don't remember why I took a photo of the bathroom sign....I do have notes about what the family loved about the day. Another helpful way to journal about photos, is to use information about a ride or show from either your guide map, or a website. The map gives a small amount of information about a ride, so even if you don't remember why your child was screaming like crazy on Dumbo, you can add a little tidbit of information about the ride itself.

with using my journal as our planner and a journal, it helped with only having to carry one item in my bag, instead of a planner, notebook, guidebook etc.

I also organize the photos by park, and than by ride/attraction in the park. So like all of the Dumbo photos are in one folder, our lunch photos are in one photos, parade photos in one folder, etc. I number each of those folders in order of how we did them inthe park (this was done in the room after we left the park each night, since we removed the photos from the disks each night).

Using the photos, can also help you tell the store. ex: "After we rode Dumbo it was time for lunch at cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe. We ordered...(using photos and for menus). the kids loved the music and enjoyed the food." It's not a "detailed" journal, but it does tell your story of what happened.

Another thing, you can use videos you might ahve taken in the parks to remember what was said. We did this during Jedi Training. We played the parts with our girls until we could write down the words that were said between the Jedi master and our little padawan's!

It really is finding a way that works best for you! Good luck!
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