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Old 03-22-2015, 08:59 PM   #21
Window shopping along Hollywood Blvd
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ss 178
Love the blocking and that the pictures are the focus:

Love the simplicity of this and that is is PL without the lines:

ss 179
Just love everything about this one:

Love the circular flow in this one and all the colors:

ss 180
Love the big focal pic and the circle frame

Love the arrangment on the page and the background:

ss 181
Love these clusters:

I love everything about this page! One of my favorite kits!

ss 182

Love this - the title connects it all and the elements peeking out behind the pictures are amazing!

ss 183
This is stunning!

Love the composition and porthole cluster:

ss 184
Love the dancing title and ribbon border at the bottom

I love the banner border and the fun amusement park elements:

ss 185
The simplicity and color choice on this is stunning!

Love the bold alpha and deep blue!

ss 186
Love the ribbon border down the side and the colors!

I just want to copy this page exactly - except I've never been there!

ss 187
Love the circles with the paper strips behind!

ss 188
Love the film strip at the bottom of the big picture!

ss 189
I love the way these pictures are grouped and the strip behind them to anchor them!

ss 190
I love the font of the B and the colors chosen on the page!

ss 191
Cool layout across the page and love the clusters peeking out:

ss 192
Love the clusters and the sepia inset photo:

This one is perfection - love the elements and the clustering!

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Old 03-22-2015, 09:57 PM   #22
Riding Magical Express
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My 2 favorites are:

SS #179 - Love the purples and the way you did the ribbons and paper strips. Awesome page.

ss #184 - Love the vantage point of this photo. The border is gorgeous.

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Old 03-23-2015, 02:32 AM   #23
Admiring the nostalgic touches on Buena Vista Avenue
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My favorites:

ss #178

ss #179

ss #180

ss #181

ss #182

ss #183

ss #184

ss #185

ss #186

ss #187

ss #188

ss #189

ss #190

ss #191

ss #192

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Old 03-23-2015, 05:25 AM   #24
Relaxing on the TTA PeopleMover
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ss #178
Love the glitter, great pictures and the pop of purple

Love the pictures, colors and the blocking

ss #179
Love the pie chart look and how clean it is

I like how the bottom picture is cropped to fit the page and the metal Mickey head

ss #180
Love the beautiful side cluster and the colors

Love all of the white space and the background paper & the cute alligator shadow

ss #181

ss #182
Beautiful simple composition and love the cut out word art

ss #183

ss #184

ss #185

ss #186

ss #187

ss #188

ss #189

ss #190

ss #191

ss #192

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Old 03-23-2015, 10:01 AM   #25
Taking a Journey Into Imagination
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Meagan's Game 2 Awesome Layouts
Toon Car by Katie really pops out of the gallery

Matterhorn by Quilty Mom. Love all the labeling and great pics

It's Mania by Quiltymom - I love love all the elements and that giant Potato Head!

Peter Pan by nadauh is so great. I love the clustering above and below and how everything is centered in the middle

Quiltymom's Welcome to Tomorrowland is perfect with big photo and then blocks lined up to the right. Love the colors, too

First in Line is such a cute layout. I love the photo from behind. The titlework is cute, too

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Old 03-23-2015, 10:06 AM   #26
Chef Minnie Mouse
E Ticket Holder
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My favorite layouts
My Blog My Gallery
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Loved layout

ss 178

ss 179

ss 180

ss 181

ss 182

ss 183

ss 184

ss 185

ss 186

ss 187

ss 188

ss 189

ss 190

ss 191

ss 192
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Old 03-23-2015, 10:19 AM   #28
Testing cars on Test Track
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Claiming my spot!

SS 178
I love the blocking and all the little touches on this LO.

SS 179
I love the matching t-shirts, fun colors, circle frames, and blocking in this one!

SS 180
Look at the precious babies in this LO! I loved the colors and the great blocking, too.

SS 181
The colors here are perfect for Toy Story, and the little girl in the big photo with her tongue sticking out is a HOOT!

SS 182
Love the pixie dust, great use of negative space, and the silhouette here.

SS 183
The photos, color choice, shadowing, and elements all work so well together in this LO.

SS 184
I love the little pop of red in this one and the great layering and shadowing.

SS 185
I love the clean look of this layout along with the color choices and shadowing.

SS 186
I love the color choice here and shadowing, and LOOK at that darling face!

SS 187
I love absolutely everything about this LO from the color choice to the elements to the photos to the shadowing!

SS 188
I love the clean look of this LO, especially the swirly Mickey, title work, and frame on the photo.

SS 189
The colors and title of this LO make me happy! I also love the blocking and shadowing.

SS 190
This LO exemplifies everything Disney to me! The colors, elements, and shadowing are perfect.

SS 191
I love that there is so much going on in this layout and yet it all works together beautifully. The arrow, bullseye, and shadowing are awesome!

SS 192
I love, love, LOVE the colors in this LO. I think they do a fantastic job of complimenting the photos.

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Old 03-23-2015, 10:49 AM   #29
Flying to Orlando
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Speed Scrap #178 - Both of these LOs had great blocking. The journal cards are great. and the elements are perfect.

Speed Scrap #179 - Both of these LOs catch my eye!
You can't go wrong with star wars! I LOve this one.

The template used was perfect and the LO was beautiful

Speed Scrap #180 -
This is just an eye catcher...Stunning

This LO is bright and Beautiful!

Speed Scrap #181 -
What can I say....the BG paper did it for me. The strips behind the pictures are perfect for showing off the pictures. Simply great

Speed Scrap #182 - this one popped out to me

Speed Scrap #183 -

Speed Scrap #184 -

Speed Scrap #185 –

Speed Scrap #186 - just a great LO

Speed Scrap #187 -

Speed Scrap #188 -

Speed Scrap #189 -

Speed Scrap #190 - I love the layering of the paper and well as the paper/frames around the photos! Very cool!

Speed Scrap #191 -

Speed Scrap #192 -
Star Tours Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts! Ive met another MouseScrapper

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Old 03-23-2015, 12:20 PM   #30
Trekking along the Maharajah trail
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ss 178

Love this layout by Jan! So gorgeous how she set those seens!

This layout by RMSTigger is really fun! Her shadowwork is amazing and I love those clusters!

ss 179

This layout from Jenn is just perfect! Love the clustering and stacking. Those colors are perfect aswell!

I adore these colors! And that stitched grid with the hidden Mickey is just perfect!

ss 180

What a gorgeous page! Love the white background with those perfect clusters!

This page is so fun to look at! Love the background with the frames and the croc with the notes! Just awesome!

ss 181

ss 182

ss 183

ss 184

ss 185

ss 186

ss 187

ss 188

ss 189

ss 190

ss 191

ss 192
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