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Barnstorming along with Goofy
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>>>>HERE for SS #60<<<< Join us!!!

Speed Scrap #60 is beginning in just 20 short minutes.

I'll be posting the instructions here in this thread as well as in the chat which is located here:

Here are the rules:
There will be 7 instructions in total.
The first will be posted on the hour.
The second at ten past.
Third at twenty past.
Fourth at half past.
Fifth at twenty to.
Sixth at ten to.
The final instruction on the close of the hour.

You will have 2 days from today to finish to get the PP and the credit for the 2nd anniversary marathon. PLEASE do you best to get it in as soon as possible. I am off work on Friday so I will be sending out PP's by then. YOU WILL HAVE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY EVENING to turn in your pages okay?

Here's my layout (yep, I'm reusing one of my other birthday challenge layouts...I blame my hectic life right now)

Also, here's a reminder of what you're playing for....

1. Let me see 8 different circles throughout your page. These can include elements, photos, paper circles, anything you want. Be creative and make them all different sizes.
2. Let's make it colorful, pick atleast 3 or more BRIGHT colors to incorporate into your layout. But stick with those colors to keep the flow even. Black & white are fine to use.
3. Show me some ribbons layered on top of eachother and tucked behind your photos.
4. Throw some stitches into the mix.
5. Paper strips!

6. Since my PP has to do with journaling, I want to see atleast 4 lines written on your page. If you are one of those who absolutely do NOT like to journal then add atleast a date to your page.
7. Add any other elements you wish and finish up your layout. Upload to Speed Scrap #60 gallery, post in appropriate forum, and in the challenge thread.

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I just came on and saw the deadline is Friday and I want to say THANKS!!! I am so tired after a long rainy day at the zoo and I will work on this as soon as th kids get on the bus!!!! Have a fun chat

My Blog Donna
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WDW Scrap Princess
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I am Here!
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Feeling like a kid again on Tom Sawyer Island
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Love your layout, Kayla; it's so pretty! I appreciate the extension and the awesome PP!
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Racing through the icy caverns of the Matterhorn
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The Great Movie Ride

Whew! I feel like I scrapped a marathon. I was just compelled to finish my layout despite the generous time extension! Too much caffeine at bedtimes, perhaps?

also posted in the Great Movie Ride thread

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Riding Magical Express
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Thanks for a fun Challenge and a cute PP!

Also posted HERE

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Testing cars on Test Track
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Originally Posted by brena80 View Post
Too much caffeine at bedtimes, perhaps?
Happens to me ALL the time!
Our family... Me , DD (18) , DS (17) , DS (13)
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Going through the turnstiles of the Magic Kingdom
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This is what happens to Playhouse Disney when the sun goes becomes a dance party! A lot of fun, very loud and crazy!!!


Also posted here

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Taking a relaxing cruise on the Mark Twain
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Mouse Magic by Melissa Bennett
Template Tooth Fairy - my files don't have any designer info...
Wordart - Freebie from Bethany Harty
Word Strip - Enjoy The Moment Snipettes by Sahlin Studio
Disneyland & Magic Wordart - Britt-ish Designs

Also posted here:

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Thanks for the awesome challenge, Kayla!!

Here's my LO...

posted here:

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