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Old 11-18-2010, 09:38 PM   #1
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Weekly Challenge#62 - (11/24-11/30)

I'm super excited to host another challenge this week! I know it's a busy week for those of us in the states (with the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday) but hopefully you all can join me

I'm not big on the Thanksgiving holiday. But I do work hard in my life to find things to be thankful for. And one thing I am VERY thankful for is scrapbooking. It is my hobby, and joy, and therapy! I truly love it and love learning new techniques and styles. Lately, I have fallen in love with photomasks! Photomasks are just a black/gray shape that you clip your photo to - giving your photo that same shape. I think they are super fun and can be really useful to highlight your photo or crop someone or something out with a cool look to it.

So this week, I'm keeping it super simple. The only rule is to use a photomask on your layout.

I realize that some people may not have used photomasks before so I made some for you to download if you want to use them. But it's not mandatory to use the ones by me - any photomask will do - or try making one yourself!

(link expired)

(link expired)

(link expired)

Hope you like them and give them a try!

Instructions for clipping your photo to the photomask:
In Photoshop Elements, put the photo layer on top of the photomask layer in the layer list. Then hit CTL-G.
In Photoshop CS, put the photo layer on top of the photomask layer in the layer list. Then hit CTL-ALT-G.

Remember to follow the usual rules:
1. Post your Disney-related layout in the Gallery. Don't forget to use a photomask on your layout!
2. Then come back here and post it in this thread.
3. Then post it in the relevant forum thread. (Please put a link to that in this thread also.)
4. Leave Love for other challenge participants!

Your Prize Package is this Mickey's Ice Cream Kit I made for you:

Hope you're inspired to do a page! I can't wait to see the layouts
- denise
A Grieving Mommy
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Wow thats really cute Denise
Cant wait for the challenge
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awww, man. That PP makes me almost wish we weren't going to be on the WONDER and at WDW during those dates!!
- Kimberly
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ooh, i'll be back from paris with some new pics by the 29 th great pp
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Oh, Wow! This is one of those times where the elements are so great that it makes you want to go out and take pictures to go with them! Thanks for hosting during such a busy time.

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So cute PP Denise, canīt wait to see your challenge!

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oh my gosh, that PP is sooo stinkin cute I can't stand it. I'm setting a reminder for myself to participate!

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Thanksgiving or not - I'll be back to do this challenge! I LOVE that PP. Denise that is just too cute!!!
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I vote you post the challenge now, lol! Awesome prize, can't wait to play!
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WOA! I want them! How cool are they! cannot wait...counting counting counting
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