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Speed Scrap #15 <----- right here!

HELLO! HELLO! We'll be starting in about 20 minutes! Read through this post before we all start!!

There will be 7 instructions in total. One instruction every 10 minutes, with the final instruction on the close of the hour. (It will make your life and life of our server a lot easier if you set the thread to unsubscribed, no email notification)

Then you will have 4 hours to finish your layout and post to the gallery and relevant thread to claim your prize. So you'll need to be done by 7:30 PM Mountain Time for my Speed Scrap.

If you join late donít worry that you missed the start you can still play just get follow the rules for your layout and get it uploaded before the deadline.

Remember for each speed scrap you participate in earns you a ticket in the grand goodie bag draw. We have 3 goodie bags up for grabs and they are full of awesome prizes so plan on participating in as many speed scraps as you can during the Minnie Marathon weekend!

We'll be chatting it up in the chatroom, so come join us. But instructions will be posted here as well.

So would you like to finally see what you'll get if you complete this Speed Scrap??

Ok . . . here it is!

But you have to complete ALL THE STEPS in order to get it!!!!

* make sure to follow all the Speed Scrap instructions I will be revealing over the next hour.

* make sure you post in the [b]Speed Scrap #15[b] Gallery in the Mouse Scrappers Gallery. You need to select this gallery from the drop down menu the first time you upload so it won't mess up your links!!

* post your LO in the relevant attraction/venue thread that your page goes in AND INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR POST IN THAT THREAD IN YOUR POST IN THIS THREAD!!!!

* post your LO with a link to the credits in the gallery, AND a link to which attraction/venue thread you posted in here in this thread!!!

* comment on your fellow Speed Scrappers LOs.

If you do ALLLLLL those things, you'll get your prize and your ticket. If you don't do them all, you don't get it so be careful and follow all the steps!!

Feel free to PM me if you have any trouble or questions!



1) Pick at LEAST 4 photos.

2) Make your main BG color black, or another VERY dark color.

3) I'm seeing STARS. Add at least 3 stars.

4) Use some sort of clip or fastener OTHER than a staple . No staples!!!

5) Create your title. Use at least 2 different alphas. You can use fonts too, but you need to use AT LEAST 2 alphas, if not more.

6) I LOVE Hidden Mickeys!! Add a hidden Mickey (or two or three) to your page.

7) Add a little journaling and put your date on some sort of tag or tab.

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Just parked the car
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OMG that P is sooo cute! Am I glad I got the baby to sleep in time to join in with this one!

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Old 07-25-2010, 01:15 PM   #3
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Too cute! Love that PP Britt! Unfortunately, we'll be leaving for church in about an hour or so, with a business meeting, VBS meeting and hotdog cookout afterwards! I really wish I could play!!!
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Chef Minnie Mouse
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Can't wait Britt I hope we don't crash!
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Sooo adorable!! I hope I can make the deadline this time! LOL!
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This will be the first one I have had a chance to participate in...since...well since June...but I am finally moved in and somewhat settled so I'M READY!!! BRING IT ON!!!...Im slightly excited..

no new ticker..
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So cute! Going to take a break from cleaning to do this one!
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I'm ready. My house is finally unpacked enough to play!! I love that PP Britt!!
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Oh my I am so excited about this prize! I am so glad I can make this one!
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I'm ready!!! Just got 2 other Spreed Scraps complete so I'm on a roll!

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